Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is tourtrackr?
tourtrackr is a tool that will enhance the tour experience - for both the Congressional Office and the constituent. The website and app streamline and organize the tour scheduling process for your office and makes it easy for constituents to receive their itinerary.
Why have an app?
Outreach is critical and more people are using smartphones and tablets. Shouldn't your elected official connect with today's tech-savvy constituents on a mobile platform?
Do you need to know how to code to build an app on tourtrackr?
The greatest part about tourtrackr is that anyone can use it! No coding skills are needed. The easy to follow, streamlined process makes scheduling tours a breeze!
After I all the tours are scheduled, how will constituents know?
On tourtrackr, you have the ability to send confirmation emails and alert constituents via the app to notify the visitor that their tours are ready to view. tourtrackr populates the confirmed times and all you have to do is press send.
Can I send push notifications?
Yes! You will be able to send short 200 character push notifications to users who have accepted push notifications on their device.
If I update an itinerary on the website, when can the visitor see the changes?
Instantly. Once you update a tour date and time or add a confirmation number to a reservation, the visitor will immediately receive the updates the next time they open the app! You can also send both email and push-notification alerts to the visitor with the new schedule immediately.
Is my tourtrackr account protected?
Yes, uses industry-standard best practices. 100% of and iPhone and Android app communications are over secure SSL/TLS-encrypted HTTPS sessions. This ensures no snooping is possible between our servers and you. We implement IP address blacklisting to protect against repeated threats. We also offer Two-Factor Authentication for all accounts, using Google's Authenticator mobile application. Lastly, all passwords are securely hashed and salted using tested methods.
What is Two-Factor Authentication?
Two-Factor Authentication provides an improvement on classic username/password authentication methods for websites and other systems. This style combines your username and password with a secret, constantly changing, sequence of numbers that you don't have to remember yourself. You will be able to link an app on your phone with tourtrackr so that when logging in, you can provide the current number sequence shown in the app and be properly logged in. Attackers won't know the code, and thus won't be able to log in as you even if they know your username and password. Click here to learn more.
Are both iOS and Android apps available?
Yes, and you only need to update tour details once and it will sync seamlessly across your visitors' iOS and Android devices.
What about password complexity?
tourtrackr takes the security of your data very seriously. We are doing our part by securing this website and your mobile apps, and this will require you playing a role as well. In today's security realm, an eight-character password of only letters and numbers can be cracked nearly instantly. A complex 10 character password with uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and symbols will take significantly longer to brute force, increasing the security of your account. Consider using a password manager like LastPass to make remembering your complex password a trivial exercise. Strongly consider adding Two-Factor Authentication to your account as well for greatly added protection.